About Us

Looking for the right staffing agency? Or a new team member?

When it comes to the lower labor costs, making efficient on workplace, temporary or full time help, On the Go has what it takes to find you right and suitable candidate.

With over years of industry-related experience On the Go has become a vital staffing resource for a large number of public and private companies in Ontario.

At On the Go we make it our job to find you the right candidate. Whether you’re looking for part-time workers, short-term hires, on-call workers, contract or full-time position, you can count on us.

On the Go is a leader in providing the temporary staffing services by helping the clients, who are some of Canada’s leading corporations and public organizations. On the Go works as partners, side by side with the client, and respond to emergent needs with effective solutions through innovation.

On the Go clients expect the best due to our open, honest, and direct relationship with clients and employees. On the Go employees are reliable, experienced and dedicated.


Health and Safety rules, along with a WHIMS introduction, are the part of every orientation briefing for a new On the Go employee. This WHMIS orientation is an effective and interactive way to keep the employees informed and fulfills the requirement of a comprehensive WHIMS training course. Periodic reviews confirm our employees are well informed about their rights and responsibilities. Refresher courses are also conducted for the experienced employees.

Training Measures

  • WHMIS Introduction
  • Safety Drills
  • Written Procedures
  • Skill Developement
  • Continuous Training
  • WHMIS Labels
  • WHMIS Symbols
  • Controlled Products
  • MSDS Forms